Live Dino

How many species of dinosaurs have survived extinction, living into the 21st Century? Only a few, perhaps, other than the ones already classified in Western science. But those non-extinct few can tear down modern propoganda, generations of dogmatic propoganda that all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago. Eyewitnesses reveal the truth: Some are alive.

Please consider the following eyewitness testimonies: many accounts of observations of a number of kinds of modern dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

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A Modern Pterodactyl — YOUTUBE VIDEO

Duane Hodgkinson, a World War II veteran, describes his amazing encounter with a huge long-tailed "pterodactyl" in a jungle clearing in New Guinea, in 1944,. He was a flight instructor in recent years, and is here interviewed by the American cryptozoologist Garth Guessman.

Umboi Island Eyewitnesses

Bioluminescent flying ropen in PNG

Read about what these natives have seen on this remote tropical island in Papua New Guinea: The glowing ropen that appears to be a living pterosaur. Some interviews are by Jonathan Whitcomb.

Mokele-mbembe Dinosaur

Apparent sauropod dinosaur of the Congo

William Gibbons - expeditions in Africa

Clay Figurines in Mexico

Acambaro, Mexico: ancient dinosaur art

"Eventually over 33,000 ceramic figurines were uncovered . . . of the Chupicuaro Culture (about 700 BC to about 300 AD). Experts verified their antiquity, but Julsrud began telling people that some of the pieces were of dinosaurs . . ." [trouble] 

Cryptozoology and Pterosaurs

Some blog posts by Jonathan Whitcomb

Articles include "Modern Pterodactyls in the United States," "Scientific Paper on Radiocarbon in Dinosaur Fossils," "ropen-Pterodactyl in Utah and Arizona."